Luxury Home Design Trends for 2023

Luxury Home Design Trends for 2023

Imagine a stylish home, a space designed with intention and fabulous interiors. For those hoping to buy or sell a luxury property, accomplishing the above effect requires an understanding of design trends and what is making the rounds in luxury interiors. Some trends can be a flash in the pan, whereas others last much longer, becoming a cornerstone of style.

It can be challenging to figure out what trends are here to stay and will add value to your home and which trends will make the space feel outdated. However, some staple trends can be adapted to your style and capture the upscale atmosphere you crave. Find inspiration and new ideas from this curated list of luxury home design trends.

Timeless pieces

Furniture anchors a room. Whether a couch, bedframe, or kitchen table, these are the pieces that take up the most space physically and visually, meaning finding the right ones is crucial. To use terms like “timeless” can seem like a misnomer. After all, how can you predict what will be trendy in the next 15 to 20 years? However, a look through design books and magazines will show which styles stick out.

These are pieces made 60 years ago that look fabulous today. Another benefit of having timeless pieces is that they can be anchored in your style while also withstanding a rotation of shorter-lived design trends. Be willing to explore what pieces will be timeless to you, transitioning to whatever trend or season of life you may find yourself in.

Set the mood

Lighting can transform a space. No one has looked at a room with cold fluorescent lighting and felt relaxed. True style begins with setting the mood, and lighting is the first step. Invest in warm-toned lighting, creating a glow. Don’t be afraid to play around with how the light can be used as well.

Statement lighting is all the rage in the design world, with unique designs for chandeliers, sconces, and lamps making a functional piece of interior design an artistic statement. Chandeliers may seem dated; however, if designed well, they can provide visual complexity. For example, a contemporary chandelier in a dining room with crown molding creates a chic design. On the other hand, having a classic crystal chandelier in a more modern room creates a nice mixture of old and new, creating a neoclassical look.

Dare to be bold

In recent years, we’ve finally moved away from the blandness of millennial gray and embraced bright and bold colors. For those hesitant to adopt this trend, there are more innovative ways to incorporate rich colors into interiors. Find the right tone and color combinations. For a chic feel, lean towards warm and rich tones since they add more to the space. Finding color combinations to connect the room is always encouraged, creating a fluid look.

Secondly, applying bold colors doesn’t have to be as overpowering as a statement wall or a large piece of furniture in one bright color or pattern. Use smaller pieces to apply dots of color around the room. As an example, incorporate a gallery wall with one or two brightly colored posters, a throw pillow with a bold pattern, or some small accent pieces to fill the space and make it look homey.

Show the bones

This is a trend that has stuck around and for good reason. More luxury homes and condominiums have embraced exposed brick and exposed beams on the ceiling. These industrialist details create an undone look. The exposed structure details can create different atmospheres depending on how it is applied. Exposed pipework and brick in a condominium can create an atmosphere of cosmopolitan chic, whereas exposed beams in the ceiling or brickwork on a kitchen floor curate rustic elegance. This trend has stood the test of time and isn’t going anywhere.

Special spaces

This trend rose in the design world during quarantine when extra bedrooms could be converted into special spaces for escape, fostering creativity. Adding a gym makes the workout experience much more enjoyable, with the workout gear in one place. A home office can take many different forms, from writers to business owners to content creators; the setup for a home office can be adapted to how you work best.

These unique spaces do not always have to be for work but can be for sheer enjoyment. The extra bedroom can become a library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and cozy seating. The finished basement can transform into a space dedicated to your hobbies, where all your materials are stored, and your station is set aside for you and your creativity.

Bring the indoors outside

When the weather is nice, we gravitate outside to make the most of it. The trend of an outdoor living room is fantastic for those who want to spend a crisp summer evening on the patio while sitting on furniture comfortable enough to be indoors. Most patio furniture is notoriously uncomfortable, with wrought-iron table and chair sets lacking in elegant design and comfort. Bringing the design of indoor furniture outdoors makes spending time in nature infinitely better.

Sophisticated sustainability

Sustainability has risen to the mainstream for years now. However, applying sustainability to interior design is a newer trend with amazing repercussions. Incorporating sustainability into your home can be done in multiple ways. Using sustainable materials in furniture, such as the fabric on an armchair, reclaimed wood on a table, or reused marble for kitchen counters, is a stylish way to make your space sustainable. Another way is adding eco-friendly features into the home, such as certain appliances designed to conserve energy and water. These small details can be both sustainable and sophisticated.

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